Outreach and Policy

The Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering engages in policy, communication, and outreach initiatives that raise awareness-of and support-for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. In this dialogue, the Center engages with a wide network of stakeholders, including NGOs, industries, academic institutions and governments, as well as local communities and the general public.

The Egypt National Cleaner Production Center hosted a one-day Awareness Raising Workshop on Green Chemistry in Cairo, Egypt on May 3, 2018.
Global Green Chemistry Initiative delivers Awareness Raising Workshop in Colombia on January 30, 2018.
On December 12th 2017, Yale Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering and National Center for Cleaner Production of Serbia conducted the Awareness Raising Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia.
This symposium will highlight unique approaches for integrating toxicology and related topics into chemistry courses and programs. Faculty members will share model courses on toxicology and techniques for including toxicology concepts within existing chemistry courses. As more and more chemistry departments seek to integrate toxicology concepts into their courses and programs, there is a growing demand for educational materials and models for adoption.