Who We Are

The Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering is fully integrated in three Yale schools: School of the Environment, School of Arts and Sciences, and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. We are unique academic community across multiple disciplines—our staff are drawn from the fields of chemistry, chemical and environmental engineering, materials science, environmental studies, biology, toxicology, health sciences and policy.  

Our Objectives

The Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale provides practical solutions to sustainability challenges. The role of the Center is not limited to understanding and monitoring environmental problems. In fact, through basic research the Center designs innovative technologies that provide enhanced performance while simultaneously meeting social, economic, and environmental goals. We seek to accomplish four key objectives:

Prepare a diverse next generation

  • Education Materials
  • Courses
  • Training Trainers
  • Graduate Workshops
  • Faculty Training

Advance Science

  • Basic Research
  • Technical Workshops
  • Research Tools
  • Promote Research Investment
  • Advance the next research agenda

Raise Awareness

  • Conferences
  • Books
  • Multimedia
  • Web presence
  • Public Engagement

Catalyze Implementation

  • Industrial Partnerships
  • Policy advancement
  • Bench Marking
  • Assessment Protocols