Mary Kate Mitchell Lane's picture Mary Kate Mitchell Lane, (she/her/hers)

PhD Candidate in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, NSF and ACS Fellow

- Mary Kate’s research utilizes supercritical fluids as green solvents for biorefinery and nanoparticle synthesis applications. Prior to graduate school, Mary Kate gained experience in a diverse set of industry and research roles (interning in oil refining and natural gas distribution; research in ultracapacitor development, biofuel synthesis, and water treatment) that motivated her to pursue a research career focused on green chemistry and sustainability.

- Outside of the lab, Mary Kate applies Green Chemistry to increase inclusion. She led the publication of the recent literature review, “What to Expect When Expecting in Lab”

Tobias Muellers, (he/him)

Post-Graduate Researcher

- Tobias is interested in the intersection of toxicology and chemistry, as well as advancing safer chemical design. Within the Center, he utilizes computational chemistry and statistical techniques to enable the rational design of safer chemicals. Prior to Yale, he dabbled in analytical and synthetic chemistry and worked as an environmental chemist conducting chemical hazard assessments.

- Tobias loves spending time in nature for just about any reason (e.g., hiking, biking, running, canoeing), cooking and baking, and reading.

Emily Johnson's picture Emily Johnson, (she/her)

PhD Student at Yale School of Public Health

- Emily is interested in the intersection between green chemistry and public health. After completing her BS, she moved into the world of public health, where she studies personal exposures to air pollutants. Working under Dr. Krystal Pollitt, she focuses on capturing airborne PFAS exposures using the Fresh Air passive air samplers. While completing her MPH, she learned about the fundamentals of green chemistry, and she intends to merge her environmental health science background into design-phase research and the fields of green chemistry and engineering. During her PhD, she hopes to continue this work in the studies of microplastics as well as the interface between disease and chemical contaminants.  

- Outside of the lab, Emily loves to read, drink too much coffee, listen to music, and hang out with her dog, Darcie.

Andreas Backhaus's picture Andreas Backhaus, (he/him/his)

Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

- Andreas joined the Zimmerman lab as a graduate student at the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale in 2019. He develops flow chemistry and multiplexed synthesis approaches for sustainable and scalable nanomanufacturing and the accelerated parameter space exploration for nanomaterial syntheses. Andreas worked in industrial chemical process development before, obtaining a master’s degree in Environmental Process Engineering and a master’s degree in General Management from RWTH Aachen University.

- Outside of the lab, Andreas competes in breaking (breakdancing).


Allen Shi's picture Allen Shi, MSc, PhD candidate (he/him)

Visiting PhD Student

-Allen is interested in reusing waste materials (biomass or municipal waste) for profitable purposes as well as contributing to the fixation of carbon in materials for a sustainable circular economy. Prior to joining Yale, he was a PhD student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he developed an ecologically friendly method for manufacturing porous materials using Pickering foam templates. He obtained a master's degree in Polymer, Colorants, and Fine Chemicals from the University of Leeds and spent over three years developing non-solvent adhesive products for BASF.

-Outside of the lab, Allen loves traveling and reading to gain insight into other cultures and people around the world. He also enjoys outdoor activities (e.g. swimming, hiking, golfing, and wakesurfing).


Fredrika Aakerman, (she/her)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

- Fredrika is interested in the energy and material transition away from petrochemical sources and the application of environmental science to the design of products and processes in line with human and planetary health. During her exchange semester at Yale, she took Fundamentals of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering with Professor Paul Anastas and Dr Hanno Erythropel and joined the Center over the summer to gain practical experience in applying sustainability principles to chemical design.

- When not in the lab, Fredrika likes joining her friends on unplanned trips and capturing the travels on film. She also likes practicing yoga, reading historical fiction, and making themed playlists.

Fang Lin's picture Fang Lin

PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry

- Fang was awarded the ACS outstanding graduating senior upon graduation from SUNY Binghamton. Her research focuses on converting renewable feedstocks such as lignin into value-added chemicals using a sustainable strategy- electrochemistry. Her work spans from fundamental (mechanistic studies of bond cleavage chemistry) to applied science (lignin valorization) by utilizing various instrumentations. She also did plenty of organic synthesis for molecular analogs and lignin dimers for modeling studies.

- Outside of the lab, Fang is a foodie, likes cooking and exploring different types of restaurants around. She is also an outdoor enthusiast, enjoys snorkeling, hiking, and skydiving.

Jessie Wainer

MSc Student

- Jessie’s current research is focused on sustainable water treatment. She is interested in how waste materials and by-products can be repurposed for valuable applications such as removing dangerous contaminants from water. Prior to Yale, she worked at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa investigating methods of extracting valuable minerals from waste materials, in particular gold tailings and coal fly ash.

- Jessie enjoys swimming and climbing and has always been an avid fan of Survivor.

Cheldina Jean's picture Cheldina Jean, (she/her)

PhD student

- Cheldina is interested in sustainable materials for water treatment in the developing world. After graduating from American University and partaking in individual research opportunities, she arrived at Yale in 2020. She is developing methods to improve the performance of point-of-use ceramic water filters. 

- Outside of lab Cheldina loves to read, exercise, and explore New Haven with her friends.


Jaye Wilson, (she/her)

PhD Student at the Yale School of Environment

- Jaye is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow translating her love for fashion, organic, and polymeric chemistry into the Environment. While environmental justice and STEM equity sit at the forefront of all her endeavors, Jaye’s academic activism path focuses specifically on developments and policies that create sustainable materials and recycling systems to address the plastics pollution in the textile industry.

- When Jaye is not in the lab, you can find her at a farmers’ market, baking, picnicking with friends, or taking pictures in her second-hand outfits.

Momoko Ishii

PhD Student at the Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering and School of the Environment

- Momoko is interested in carbon dioxide as a building block in flow synthesis.

Avery Long's picture Avery Long, (he/him)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

- Avery is studying the functionalization of gold nanoparticles; specifically, investigating whether particle anisotropy leads to increased sensitivity in glutathione-based Pb2+ detectors. Broadly, he hopes to apply chemistry to the development of sustainable materials and processes. He is currently most interested in functional materials, agricultural chemistry, and their interface, but this changes depending on what classes he is currently enjoying most.   

- When he isn't in lab, Avery is either teaching his friends how to ballroom dance, chipping away at his endless reading list, or talking about his home state of Michigan.

Greg Sieczkiewicz's picture Greg Sieczkiewicz, Ph.D., J.D. (he/his)

PhD Student at the Yale School of the Environment

- Grey is a seasoned biotechnologist with over two decades of experience as a researcher, patent attorney, entrepreneur, and inventor. He seeks to drive sustainable innovation with commercial applicability and global impact. His research uses systems theory to integrate data from a molecular/biochemical level to an organismal/ecological scale.

- Grey enjoys running, cycling, hiking, and spending time with his partner, four children, and German short-haired pointer. Always an optimist, he loves a challenge.


Dylan Judd's picture Dylan Judd, (he/him/his)

PhD Student at the Yale School of the Environment

PhD Student at the Yale School of the Environment

-Dylan is interested in promoting sustainable advances at every stage of materials science, ranging from the utilization of flow chemistry in synthesis efforts to the equitable implementation and associated impacts of climate-centered technologies. Dylan received both his B.A. in Chemistry and Environmental Studies and his M.A. in Chemistry from Wesleyan University while conducting research on plasmon-mediated nanoparticle production and reconfiguration. Dylan joined the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale in 2023 with the hope that he can use his interdisciplinary perspective to bring novel insights to the variety of research questions with which the Center is concerned.

-Outside of the lab, Dylan loves to read, do crossword puzzles, and play sports, such as baseball and volleyball. You may also find him listening to all types of music on his turntable or over his headphones.