Outreach and Policy

The Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering engages in policy, communication, and outreach initiatives that raise awareness-of and support-for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. In this dialogue, the Center engages with a wide network of stakeholders, including NGOs, industries, academic institutions and governments, as well as local communities and the general public.

Mystic Aquarium's "Women in Science Day" event not only highlighted the Aquarium’s female researchers and animal trainers, but women of achievement from the local science community.  
Environmental engineering faculty and students at the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering organized the 2015 AEESP Conference, Environmental Engineering and Science: At the Nexus. This 3 day event highlighted current thinking and accomplishments at the nexus of the environmental, natural and human systems fields.
The Molecular Design research Network received a grant aimed at educating people on safer chemicals.  Karolina Mellor and Jason Lam developed a program under Yale Pathways to Science to discuss safer chemicals with local New Haven high school students. The weeklong course introduced concepts covered in this grant while offering a relevant and engaging approach to consumerism. 
Paul Anastas to receive the SCI Medal for the contribution to the development of the Green Chemistry discipline all over the World.