Past Center Members

Shida Miao, P.hD
Postdoctoral Associate 2014-2015

Research Scholar, George Washington University

Shyam S. Shukla, P.hD
Professor of Chemistry, Lamar University Visiting Sabbatical Professor at Yale - 2009

Tamara deWinter, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Associate

Tamara completed a B.Sc. Honours Degree in chemistry from the University of New Brunswick. She began performing research during her second year of undergraduate studies under the supervision of Professor Sean McGrady. For this project, she focusing on hydrogen storage material, synthesizing metal hydrides and studying their hydrogen storage ability and the regeneration of the spent hydrides.

Thomas Kwan
Ph.D Candidate, Environmental Engineering School of Engineering and Applied Science, Yale University

Thomas Søndergaard Hansen, Ph.D
Visiting Research Associate

Production Chemist, Novozymes, Kalundborg, Denmark

Troy Savage
Yale School of Divinity '13 Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies '13

Urvi Tataly
MEM candidate at Yale School of the Environment

Vajk Farkas
Visiting PhD Student

Valerie Fuchs, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Associate 2010-2011

Water Resources Engineer and Planner, MWH Global, Sacramento, CA

Vincente Escande, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Associate 2015 - 2016

Wei Wei Mo, Ph.D
Associate Research Scientist 2012-2014

Wenbo Shi
Ph.D Student, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Yale University

Yanna Balland
Research Assistant, Summer 2017

Chemistry Technician Degree at lycée Pierre Gilles de Gennes, ENCPB, in Paris

Zheng Cui, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemistry, 2009- 2010

Scientist, Verutek Technologies, LLC