Past Center Members

Elizabeth Dach
Research assistan

Researcher at Impossible Foods Inc.

Elizabeth Friedlander
Masters of Environmental Studies '1

Dow Sustainability Fellow, Architecture Program, University of Michigan 

Emily Hong
Undergraduate, Chemistry, Yale College '14

Eric Fournier
Masters, Environmental Management '10

PhD Candidate in Environmental Science & Management, University of California at Santa Barbara

Erin McBurney
Senior Administrative Assistant

Senior Administrative Assistant at Yale School of Public Health

Evan Beach, Ph.D
Associate Research Scientist, 2006-2015

Scientist at International Flavors & Fragrances

Evelyn Sale Rhodes
MESc candidate

Fjodor Melnikov, Ph.D
Ph.D Candidate

Francisco Lopez
Laboratory Assistant 2012

Fuzhan Nasiri, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Associate 2009-2010 Associate Research Scientist 2010-2011

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Faculty & Environment Management, Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London

Genoa Warner
Yale College '12, Chemistry

Masters Student, Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Green Science

George Gachumi, Ph.D
Post Doctoral Associate 2015-2016

Holly Hajare
Yale College '15, Chemistry

Jamila Yamani, P.hD
Graduate student 2009-2015

Consultant at Pegasus

Jasom Lam
Post-doc researcher

Jon Powell
Graduate student 2013-2015

Jonathan Mellor, Ph.D
Associate Reseach Scientist 2013-2014

Joyce Xi
Yale College '15, Chemistry

Julia Nojeim
MEM in Industrial Ecology and Green Chemistry

Julian Fouquet
Visiting Student, Ecole Nationale de Chemie-Physique-Biologie Worked with Patrick Foley on C-Glycosides as Renewable Surfactant