Mary Kate Mitchell Lane, (she/her/hers)

Mary Kate Mitchell Lane's picture

PhD Candidate in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, NSF and ACS Fellow

BS (Chemical Engineering) – Michigan Technological University, USA - 2017

MSc (Chemical and Environmental Engineering) – Yale University, USA - 2018

MPhil (Chemical and Environmental Engineering) – Yale University, USA - 2020

- Mary Kate’s research utilizes supercritical fluids as green solvents for biorefinery and nanoparticle synthesis applications. Prior to graduate school, Mary Kate gained experience in a diverse set of industry and research roles (interning in oil refining and natural gas distribution; research in ultracapacitor development, biofuel synthesis, and water treatment) that motivated her to pursue a research career focused on green chemistry and sustainability.

- Outside of the lab, Mary Kate applies Green Chemistry to increase inclusion. She led the publication of the recent literature review, “What to Expect When Expecting in Lab”