Ho Yin TSE, Ph.D. (He/His)

Ho Yin TSE's picture

Postdoctoral Associate

BS (Science, Concentration: Physical Science) – The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2016

Lee Hysan Foundation Individual Scholar at Yale University, 2020-2022

Ph.D. (Civil & Environmental Engineering) – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 2022

-Leo’s research focuses primarily on the sustainable photonic functional materials development, with a particular emphasis on the fabrication of new lignin-based photo-responsive nanoparticles and their fundamental photo-physics studies. During his Ph.D. training, he also involved in a numerous of professional consultation projects, including biotechnology assisted food-waste upcycling, energy and elements recovery from wastewater treatment processes and urban biorefinery engineering, etc. Currently, he is further developing new bio-based photonic materials and carbon sequestration processes at the Center.

-Outside of the lab, Leo enjoys driving, watching movies and documentaries on science & philosophy discussion.