“Tell a Story about Green Chemistry” Video Competition: Honorable Mentions

Thursday, July 5, 2018

In addition to the two winning videos featured at the 22nd Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in Portland, Oregon, the judging panel selected 9 honorable mentions that uniquely illustrate green chemistry and address sustainability issues. The winning videos and honorable mentions are hosted on our website.

All of these videos are fantastic because they “spark in the students a lasting desire to tell the world about Green Chemistry, and challenge them to always do so with clear, vibrant, inspiring language” said James Rea, communications coach for Experts/Clearly, and a certified instructor with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and one of the judges of the competition. He added “These are the skills that will continue to propel green chemistry forward well beyond the running time of any single video”.

Magaret Sivapragasam

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malaysia

Margaret’s video showcases dye removal from textile wastewater using ionic liquids.

Maisara Shahrom and Raja Shahrom

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Maisara and Raja’s video examines carbon dioxide capture by polymerized ionic liquids.

Juliana Ladeira Vidal

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Juliana’s video describes her personal journey to become a green chemist.

Laura McAlister and Susana Vargas

University of California Riverside

Laura and Susana’s video provides examples of hazardous waste reduction in Los Angeles area.

Telpriore Gregory Tucker

Arizona State University

Greg’s video discusses battery fuel cells and their commercial potential.

Benjamin Appiagyei

Michigan State University

Benjamin’s video provides a good overview of green chemistry and biofuels.

Brooke Maguire

Grand Valley State University

Brook’s video examines green chemistry, sustainability, and essential oils.

The videos are free and available to use for educational purposes.