Green Chemistry in Long Beach for the 27th Annual ACS Green Chemistry & Engineering conference!

Friday, June 30, 2023

Representatives from the Center recently attended the 27th Annual American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering conference in Long Beach, California! Over a jam-packed week, the Center participated in symposia and poster sessions and raffled away signed book copies in the expo hall. Professor Paul Anastas and Dr. Predrag Petrović promoted their new book First Do No Harm, and Dr. Lars Ratjen ran a session on the Yale-UNIDO initiative, the Global GreenChem Innovation and Network Programme, with speakers including Rodica Ivan (UNIDO), Professor Anastas, and Peter Ssekajja (Uganda Cleaner Production Centre). Visitors to the Center’s booth in the expo hall nominated new elements for the Periodic Table of the Elements of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, picked up magnets printed with the Center’s marquee papers, and took home Periodic Table-printed pencils. To top it off, Professor Anastas and John Warner were honored by the ACS…and announced that they were writing a new book together! All in all, a productive whirlwind of a week!