PAST RESEARCH: MUSES Project - A Systems Dynamics Approach for Urban Water Reclamation-Reuse Planning: A Case Study from the Great Lakes Region

The project involves creating a systems dynamics computer model of the water/wasterwater system, extending the system to include water reuse and determining if water reuse is cost effective under different scenarios.

Appropriate water reclamation and reuse practices are critical due to increasing water scarcity, concerns about the effect of wastewater discharges on receiving water, and availability of high-performing and cost-effective water reuse technologies.  However, incorporation of water reuse schemes into water/wastewater infrastructure systems is a complex decision-making process, involving various economical, technological, and environmental criteria.  System dynamics allows modeling of complex systems and provides information about the feedback behavior of the system.  We are applying our comprehensive system dynamics model of water/wastewater systems to various cities’ scenarios to determine potential for water reuse.