PAST RESEARCH: Civil Infrastructure Systems: Fostering Leapfrog Adoption of Green Infrastructure through Optimization of Urban Storm Water and Nitrogen Cycles

Comprehensively evaluating and modeling green and grey stormwater systems to optimize environmental function, geospatial placement, and social and economic benefit to leapfrog current costly infrastructure design and support local, state, and federal policy-making for sustainable stormwater systems investments.

This project brings together students, faculty, citizens, and local, state and federal policy-makers in partnership to meet four aims: 1) critical review of current green infrastructure knowledge and implementation; 2) place-based characterization of hydrologic/nitrogen cycling by and socio-economic function of green infrastructure (south-, central- and northeastern urban seaboard); 3) GIS-supported geospatial optimization of hydrologic/nitrogen cycles by varying location of green infrastructure practices; 4) development of decision-support and policy recommendations for best-practice in green infrastructure investment.