Outreach and Policy

The Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering engages in policy, communication, and outreach initiatives that raise awareness-of and support-for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. In this dialogue, the Center engages with a wide network of stakeholders, including NGOs, industries, academic institutions and governments, as well as local communities and the general public.

The Molecular Design research Network received a grant aimed at educating people on safer chemicals.  Karolina Mellor and Jason Lam developed a program under Yale Pathways to Science to discuss safer chemicals with local New Haven high school students. The weeklong course introduced concepts covered in this grant while offering a relevant and engaging approach to consumerism. 
We live in times of converging trends where chemists and toxicologists are learning to work together to understand the toxic effects of chemicals and how to apply this towards molecular design strategies. This hands-on workshop will gather toxicology and green chemistry experts to provide faculty and practitioners with background and cutting edge information on toxicology and related topics.