Biennial Conference for Chemical Educators (BCCE)

MoDRN in collaboration with Beyond Benign organized a symposium and a workshop at the at the BCCE Conference, August 1, 2016, University of Northern Colorado.

The symposium featured faculty members who are integrating toxicology concepts into chemistry courses and programs. The workshop featured 3 toxicologists who shared their expertise and connected chemical and physical properties to toxicology, and provided curriculum resources for use in chemistry courses.

Toxicology for Chemists Symposium:

Layers of toxicology education in an undergraduate curriculumDouglas Raynie, South Dakota State University

Teaching toxicology through a laboratory safety programDavid C. Finster, Wittenberg University

Mechanistic toxicology at Simmons College: A model course for teaching toxicology concepts to chemistry studentsAmy S. Cannon, Beyond Benign

Incorporation of toxicology content into a senior level green chemistry lecture courseJane Wissinger, University of Minnesota

Teaching beyond our expertise: A student-led toxicology courseJustin Houseknecht, Wittenberg University 

Molecular Design Research Network: Educational tools for advancing 21st century chemistryNancy Simcox, University of Washington

Green chemistry and toxicology: “Relevance” in the chemistry classroomGrace Lasker, University of Washington

Using toxicology concepts in chemistry courses: Lessons learned from industrial chemicals and environmental forensicsBryan Brooks, Baylor University

How an awareness of toxicology can increase your value to industryPamela J. Spencer, Dow Chemical

Toxicology for Chemists Workshop:


Dr. Bryan Brooks, Professor, Environmental Science and Biomedical Studies, Baylor University

Dr. Grace Lasker, Senior Lecturer, Nursing and Health Studies, University of Washington

Dr. Pam Spencer, D.A.B.T., Scientific Director, TERC, The Dow Chemical Company

Resources presented and discussed:

MoDRN:U Modules

MoDRN Green Chemistry Videos

OECD QSAR Toolbox (requires PC)

NIH, NLM Toxicology Tutors