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  • Mentoring Greenwich Academy Grade 5 Science Classes

    Leanne Pasquini, environmental engineering PhD student, visited the 5th grade science classes at Greenwich Academy to introduce the engineering design process and kick-off their Invention Convention. Details...

    Greenwich Academy, an independent day school for girls, holds an Invention Convention every year for their 5th graders. Following the engineering design process, the students are required to design an invention to be judged by the community in early February. To kick-off the event, Leanne Pasquini visited the 5th grade science classes to introduce and discuss the engineering design process. The students were challenged to “think outside the circle” and learned several ways in which engineers use the design process to improve the world around us. Leanne's visit inspired the girls to add "green" or sustainable criteria into their inventions.

    Environmental Engineer Visits Group V Inventors
    Greenwich Academy, January 12, 2012

  • Partnership with the Center for 21st Century Skills at EDUCATION CONNECTION

    Karolina Mellor and Evan Beach initiated collaboration with local high school teachers to train them in green chemistry. Details...

    Collaboration results in a series of trainings at the local high schools and education both teachers and their students in green chemistry, sustainability and safer chemical design.

    For more information, please see here

  • 2015 New Haven Science Fair held at Yale

    Karolina Mellor volunteered as a judge at the annual science fair, where thousands of grade school students present their research. Details...

    Yale hosted the 2015 New Haven Science Fair May 11-15 in University Commons.The program was started in 1995 with seven test schools. This past year over 8,000 New Haven students and 43 schools participated, and there were more than 160 volunteers involved mentoring and judging — including many from Yale. The program is dedicated to improving the quality of education, particularly science and math education, in the New Haven Schools Grades Pre-K through 12. 

    Highlights from the fair can be found here.

  • Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Web Curriculum

    The Center has contributed modules to the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Science "Learning Green" website. Details...

    Learning Green is a free resource aimed at undergraduate students.  It includes video lectures, reading assignments, exercises, and quizzes.

    Click here to visit the website

  • High School Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Course

    Center graduate students taught a summer Green Chemistry/Engineering course for 10th graders in New Haven. Details...

    Center graduate students developed and taught a three-week high school curriculum broadly covering green chemistry and engineering.  Within this curriculum, some basic high school chemistry is included.  Students master chemistry concepts and Green Chemistry/Engineering principles. 

  • Pathways to Engineering

    A program open to all middle school students involved in the Yale Science Pathways Program in an effort to increase the number of students graduating from college with science degrees. Details...

    The "Pathways to Engineering" program was created as part of Environmental Engineering PhD Candidate Sarah Miller’s Graduate Leadership Fellowship through the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science. The program was open to all middle school students involved in the Yale Science Pathways Program, a new initiative actively supporting a cohort of students from New Haven in an effort to increase the number of students graduating from college with science degrees. Students were given the opportunity to visit the engineering labs at Yale University, learn about different types of engineers and participate in a fun engineering challenge.

  • Translation of “Designing Safer Polymers”

    Professor Paul Anastas’ 2000 book Designing Safer Polymers is being translated into Chinese. Details...

    Professor Paul Anastas’ 2000 book Designing Safer Polymers gives examples of Green Chemistry principles applied to polymer science and discusses the advantages of introducing greener polymers to the US market.  By translating the book into Chinese, the message can be delivered to a wider audience in China where much polymer R&D and manufacturing aimed at the US market is taking place.