Research Staff

Qingshi Tu, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Associate

Qingshi Tu researches with Julie Zimmerman’s group, specifically investigating development and implementation of sustainable technologies via life cycle assessment (LCA), techno-economic analysis (TEA) and computational modeling approaches (e.g. agent-based modeling).

Megan O'Connor

Ph.D. Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, 3rd year

Visiting Assistant in Research, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University

Tamara deWinter, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Associate

Tamara completed a B.Sc. Honours Degree in chemistry from the University of New Brunswick. She began performing research during her second year of undergraduate studies under the supervision of Professor Sean McGrady. For this project, she focusing on hydrogen storage material, synthesizing metal hydrides and studying their hydrogen storage ability and the regeneration of the spent hydrides.

Amanda Lounsbury

Ph.D Candidate, Environmental Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Yale University

Jason Lam, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Associate

Jason's research is primarily focused on optimizing various skeletal metal catalysts for electrocatalytic hydrogenation/hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived aromatics under mild conditions. His work also probed mechanisms of electrocatalytic aryl ether cleavage, a process with potential value for deoxygenation and lignin cleavage.

Hanno Erythropel, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Associate

Hanno's research focuses on the better understanding the health implications of “vaped” e-cigarette liquid by determining what kind of chemical transformation occur. Hanno is also doing organic synthesis with a particular focus on the chemistry of C-glycosides.