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Thomas Kwan

Photo: Thomas  Kwan

PhD Student, Environmental Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Yale University

B.S. Environmental Engineering

Thomas A. Kwan is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in the field of Environmental Engineering where his research focuses on sustainable technologies for the production of bioenergy and natural products using supercritical fluids.  He is also a Fellow at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science Advanced Graduate Leadership Program where he is involved at the cutting edge development of maker spaces in higher education and curriculum development which employs an active learning approach to STEM education.  In April 2012 he was awarded the Intel Environmental Innovation and Sustainability Award for designing an industrial, reusable storm drain filter from recycled materials.  While earning his B.S. at the University of California, Riverside, Thomas also served as an Engineer Technician for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and worked with local communities to reduce exposure to diesel exhaust, led a joint training initiative with the Center for Disease Control to train environmental public health practitioners, and reviewed dredging permits in Southern California.  Prior to his work in green engineering, Thomas was a tour manager and sound engineer working out of Hollywood, CA.  He has traveled to all 50 United States, is passionate about sustainable design, environmental justice, and is well known for his enduring commitment to a strong cup of coffee.

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