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Leanne Gilbertson, PhD

Photo: Leanne  Gilbertson PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

B.S. in Chemistry, Hamilton College, 2007

M.Phil. in Environmental Engineering, Yale University, 2011

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, Yale University, 2011

Ph.D in Environmental Engineering School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Yale University, 2014


Leanne received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and education from Hamilton College in 2007.  As the recipient of a teaching fellowship, she spent the following year teaching at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon returning to the U.S., Leanne taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry at St. James School prior to starting her Ph.D in the Environmental Engineering Program here at Yale. Leanne recently defended her Ph.D having conducting research under Dr. Julie Zimmerman. Her doctoral research identified underlying material properties that govern carbon nanotube (CNT) cytotoxicity and established a foundation to a set of design parameters to enable future manufacture of CNTs with tailored functional properties. Leanne will continue working with the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering as a Postdoctoral Associate on a project jointly advised by Dr. Julie Zimmerman and Dr. Desiree Plata. The goal of Leanne’s research will be to elucidate and validate nanomaterial (NM) property-exposure and property-hazard (PE/PH) relationships from a life cycle perspective. This work is intended to reduce the uncertainty of predictive models used to evaluate the unintended implications of NMs across their life cycle as nano-enabled products and processes.

NSF Graduate Research Fellow


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