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Program Director, Evan Beach, PhD

Photo: Evan  Beach PhD

Program Director
Associate Research Scientist

Dr. Evan Beach joined the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale in 2007.  He has worked in green chemistry academic research labs for more than 10 years.  He received his BS and PhD in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University, where he researched environmentally benign catalytic oxidation systems for water cleaning applications.  His current research focuses on polymers, fine chemicals, and other useful materials from renewable feedstocks.  Dr. Beach leads the Center’s bio-based plastics projects and is developing valuable, non-fuel applications of chemicals produced by algae.  Target materials include bio-based surfactants and inherently flame-retardant polymers.  He also coordinates the Center’s partnership with an African biorefinery to research productive use of waste materials generated in biodiesel production. 

Dr. Beach has been a guest lecturer for the Yale University course “Introduction to Green Chemistry,” lecturing on topics including alternative solvents and renewable feedstocks.  He organized a "Training the Trainers" workshop to train educators how to conduct their own workshops on green chemistry within their own organizations.  Evan has spoken on topics of sustainability, green chemistry and engineering, and environmental aspects of plastics for Canisius College, the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, the NIEHS Worker Education and Training Program, and the Erice International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies.  He has contributed to the journals Energy and Environmental Science and Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews, and the book Green Chemistry Education: Changing the Course of Chemistry.