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Policy & Outreach

  • Peabody Exhibit

    Center graduate students work with high school students in the EVOLUTIONS Program to develop exhibits on the environmental impact of chemical technology. Details...

    Students in EVOLUTIONS, an after-school program for New Haven high school students at the Peabody Museum, designed an exhibit on ocean science.  Center students worked with them to develop a sustainability component of the exhibit.  The focus was on the accumulation and persistence of petroleum-based polymers in the ocean environment.  With guidance from Center volunteers, the high school students designed a compost tank showing decay rates for a range of bio-based and polymer-based plastics, a video on the meaning of sustainability issues to high school students, and artwork illustrating the difference between renewable and non-renewable polymers.

  • TSCA Reform

    The Center is working to identify the role green chemistry can play in modern US chemical policy. Details...

    This project is carrying out policy analysis on how to lower the barriers to implementing safer chemistry in addition to regulatory pathways.  The work is considering international policy space on chemicals management including an analysis of successes and challenges, as well as a similar analysis for state-level green chemistry policies.  The focus is not simply on regulation or risk but includes elements to support and enhance innovation and the role that chemical hazard can play in policymaking.


    Click Here to Read The Whitepaper: "Integrating Green Chemistry and Green Engineering into the Revitalization of the Toxic Substances Control Act" by Kira Matus, Evan Beach and Julie Zimmerman